Anti Slip Surfaces

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MK Enterprises's Anti-slip product has been successfully applied to bridges, boardwalks, steps and stiles. Regardless of material, the Anti-slip will bond to almost any surface. It can be applied at point of order or 'in-situ' by our experienced team.

The process involves the application of a primer (where necessary) followed by a two part polyurethane resin which is designed for use with various types and grades of aggregate to produce an anti-skid and anti-slip surface.

It is available in several colours, including buff, grey, red, orange, green, blue and black.

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Capturing the charm of real wood but eliminating many of its shortcomings for outdoor environments, Millboards are produced from prime oak samples, replicating the better qualities of the originals rather than just extruded from a machine as other composites are. Each board is hand-finished to reproduce the detail of natural wood with minimal repetition and can be sawn and fitted like wood.

the difference...

The textured and resilient surface of the ‘Lastane’ finished Millboards is unique in that it will provide a tough, algae-repellent surface that greatly enhances slip resistance in wet conditions to provide possibly the safest natural looking composite decking board available. Due to its non porous nature it needs little maintenance other than an occasional wash with soapy water as natural rainfall will largely keep it clean. It’s stable composition of negligible expansion or contraction and UV stable finish, that doesn’t change like alternatives, ensures it as a highly weather stable product.

Millboard is suited to leisure industry, commercial environments and domestic use.

Consideration for the environment is a priority in the manufacture of Millboard. Made with up to 50% recycled material that makes use of hard-to-use waste, the manufacture of Millboard helps to conserve the earth’s resources as well as reduce landfill. The manufacturing and distribution takes place within the UK, maintaining a low carbon footprint.

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Millboard is produced in the UK from polyurethane, various blends of recycled materials and by-products creating a useful contribution to both the Earths resources and helping to conserve mature hardwood forests.

This highly technical comparatively low energy production process moulds fibre reinforced decking boards into an amazing variety of finely detailed textures, moving exterior decking into a new era. Millboards are guaranteed not to split, warp, give splinters, leach tannins or rot like wood. Like timber boards, Millboards have a solid core which has the advantage of eliminating the very real risk of insects or vermin taking up residence in or expiring within hollow decking boards.

Millboard Lastane - The safer decking solution.

Millboard Lastane is the top of the range decking where the ‘Lastane’ surface has been fine-tuned to a tough, resilient, highly detailed finish that greatly enhances slip resistance in wet conditions and maintains a non porous surface, that resists the growth of moss and algae in normal conditions. Having a near-zero maintenance finish, thus reduces maintenance issues, time and expense.

Due to the ‘extra-low slip’, non-abrasive and splinter free properties, both the risk and the worries of claims for injuries are reduced.

No sanding - no staining - reduced claims.

The Polyurethane used in Millboard production can last longer than timber, up to 35-40 years (subject to environment).This avoids unnecessary replacement, which would use up resources on a broader scale. Manufacture process of rigid polyurethane uses a lot lower energy expenditure (2-6 MJ/kg) than a thermoplastic process (6-29 MJ/kg), thus reducing potential emissions.

The combination of the durability, lower energy process and the use of recycled and renewable materials ensure that Millboard makes an ecologically friendly, sustainable product.




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